A national community

working on new ways to tackle

tough social challenges.

Social Innovation
Exchange Australia

SIXAUS is a community of people with a common goal – we all want to find new ways to tackle tough social challenges. We’re excited by the possibilities of working together: sharing and building upon each other’s ideas, insights and experiences.

And just as we want to see tangible social change, we also want to ensure that SIXAUS provides tangible benefits for everyone involved - and has a serious impact. Attending a SIXAUS event has to make you better at creating social change, and it has to be better than the time you could have spent making an impact. It’s a big ask, but we promise not to waste your time.

A community that works

Forging connections

We’re not just about an open space for collaboration (although that’s a great thing). We’ll also make intentional, goal-based introductions in our membership. “Hey Kate, we think Bob might be able to help you with your business model. He did something similar just last month.”


The nature of innovation work is that we have never done what we’re doing now. We’re all working it out as we go. The good news is that we're not alone, and we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We can share learnings around everything from measurement to user insights to business models.

good work

There’s a lot of buzz about social innovation, but also a lot of noise. We’ll cut through that to highlight the best of the exciting work that’s happening in Australia. And we'll always seek first to build on the existing work of the sector, only introducing our own programming to fill gaps.


We need clear starting points for people who are new to social innovation, and clear ways to engage people in other sectors who want to moonlight or volunteer in the social impact space.

A national community
with local relationships
global connections

SIXAUS is part of the global Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) network, linking changemakers around the world. We also want it to be genuinely national, drawing together the best knowledge, experience and existing networks right across the country - not just focused on one city with a few token events elsewhere. At the same time, the daily life of SIXAUS will undoubtedly be local, enabling like-minded people to meet regularly to share and discuss ideas and projects.

By changemakers,
for changemakers

We’re embarking on a five month beta process. We’ll be co-designing what SIXAUS will look like with individuals and organisations, and testing out some different activities, from local events to a national festival. We’d love for you to join the beta, or just follow our progress on our blog.

“SIXAUS is essential to connecting, supporting and backing our social innovators. I'm proud to be a part of this growing movement”

— Jan Owen, CEO, Foundation for Young Australians

You can shape the future of
Social Innovation in Australia

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